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Best Chinese Food in San Diego

When you’re looking for the best Chinese food in San Diego, look no further than Jasmine Chinese Seafood Restaurant.  Here at Jasmine, we know that when it comes to getting the best chinese food in San Diego, customers want quality food , tasty flavors, fresh ingredients, exciting presentation,  all combined with great service and a traditional but modern Chinese restaurant environment.  We pride ourselves on providing superb value and an unforgettable dining experience, leaving with you the desire to come back and visit us time and time again.  We work hard to stay the best Chinese restaurant in San Diego!

Quality Service, an Expert Wait Staff, and a Diverse Menu

When customers look for the best Chinese food in San Diego, not only is the ease of getting to the restaurant and finding parking important, customers also value quality service.  At Jasmine Chinese Seafood Restaurant, we are proud to provide you with the best multilingual wait staff  in the industry.  Our servers and hostesses are courteous, attentive, and experts in all aspects of fine Chinese seafood cuisine and traditions.  Trust our table-side culinary experts to help you select both your tried-and-true favorites such as our Honey Walnut Shrimp or Orange Peel Chicken, as well as more traditional, less frequently sampled chinese delicacies such as Sauteed Abalone or Sea Cucumber in garlic sauce.  Our large and diverse menu is large enough for you to order a 6 course meal for both lunch and dinner for 6 months before you ever sample anything more than once!

The Best Chinese Restaurant has Central Location, and Lots of Parking!

We understand that when it comes to the best Chinese food in San Diego, customers prefer a central location, and plenty of dedicated parking.  Most restaurants in our area have small parking lots, and diners must walk long distances before they even get to put their name down!  Only Jasmine Chinese Seafood provides thoughtful, on-site parking, and our unique corner location maximizes available street parking for our customers as well.  We think you should be able to park within view of the restaurant you’re eating at!

Best Chinese- San Diego!

Come experience why Jasmine Chinese Seafood is the best Chinese in San Diego!  We aim to please, our value in quality and fine dishes and high-end service is unbeatable. We can’t wait to help you explore the delicious realm of San Diego’s finest Chinese seafood cuisine.

Call us at (858) 268-0888 to reserve a table now!   Open 365 days per year, Mon-Fri 10am-10pm and Sat-Sun 9:30am-10pm.

We are located near the 805/52/163 freeways at:

Jasmine Seafood Restaurant
4609 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

Jasmine Chinese Seafood, awarded best Chinese Restaurant San Diego 2010!