At Jasmine, we bring Cantonese chefs to you without having to fly to Hong Kong for authentic Cantonese food and Cantonese Dim Sum. We have been consistently voted top Chinese Restaurant and Dim Sum in San Diego for years! Not only do we offer authentic, award-winning food, but our event space is perfect for special events, from intimate celebrations to extra large wedding receptions! We also host a number of corporate events and meetings, complete with projectors, screens, podium and audio equipment.

Dim Sum Menu

Jasmine is most well-known for its Dim Sum, which is served Hong Kong traditional-style from our steam carts. Dim Sum is served 7 days a week from open to 3pm.  See our Dim Sum Menu.


Due to the popularity of our Dim Sum, the dishes from our main menu are often overlooked.  It should really be considered a treasure chest.  Items from our Main Menu are served all day long and include the exquisite to the more mainstream.  Our more popular dishes include our Fried Rice, Noodles, Soups, Peking Duck, Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp, Fresh Steamed Fish, and Lobster with Ginger and Scallions.  See our From the Kitchen menu.

Banquet Menus

Banquet Menus are pre-set menus that make ordering for tables of 10 people easy and complete.  See our Banquet Menus

Wedding Reception Menu

Wedding Reception Menus are pre-set menus that make ordering for tables of 10 people (substitution available).  Please see manager for more details.


We offer a large selection of beverages, including Chinese teas, Domestic and Imported Alcohol – wines, beers and other liquor.


About Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a traditional mid-day meal from the Guangdong province of southern China. Your mouth won’t stop watering as over 50 different mini-dishes are presented on steamed carts brought right up to your table. Just point to the dish you want, get your chopsticks ready, and enjoy! The excitement, grandeur, and wonderful tastes bring customers back again and again!

About Cantonese Cuisine: One of the Best Cuisines of the World

Canton, or Guangzhou, is the capital of the southern Chinese province, Guangdong, just north of Hong Kong. Among the four main cuisines in China, North Eastern (Mandarin), Sichuan, Eastern (Jiang-Zhe) and Cantonese cuisines, Cantonese is the most popular and the most famous of all. This is because of the geographic location of Canton. Being in the fertile delta region of the Pearl River opening into the South China Sea with the warm sub-tropical climate and abundant rainfall, Canton is most famous for its fresh vegetables and fresh and salt water seafood.

Besides, being the first port opened to the west, Hong Kong’s Cantonese chefs have a long history of being the most gifted and most sought after Chinese chefs all over the world. Cantonese food always appears at the Chinese State dinners to welcome foreign heads of states. Now you can enjoy the same Hong Kong/Cantonese culinary experience at Jasmine. No seafood is fresher than those swimming in our large salt-water tanks.