Fundraising Overview

Request to host a fundraiser event for your non-profit organization at Jasmine Seafood Restaurant!  Fundraisers at Jasmine are a great way to combine great food, fun and a good cause!  We believe in supporting our community of San Diego.  Make fundraising easy with dinner at Jasmine!

Program Guidelines

Who’s Eligible?
Any organization with a Tax I.D. number and recognized by the government as a non-profit organization (or authorized subgroup) can take part in a Jasmine Fundraiser Event, such as:

  • Schools
  • School-Affiliated Sports Teams
  • School Clubs
  • Girl/Boy Scouts
  • Service Organizations
  • Associations

Fundraising Night Donation Model
Jasmine will donate a percentage (5 to 20% depending on various factors to be determined upon receipt of request) of net dine-in food and beverage sales generated by the supporters, families and friends of your organization on the specified evening to help your organization. A printed flyer will be designed for your event and guests must present a flyer upon ordering.  Flyers may not be distributed in the restaurant or shopping center.  Note: A minimum of $100 in sales are required for a donation to be made.

How to Request a Fundraising Night

Fill out a Jasmine Fundraiser Online Request Form, including date and time.   You will then be contacted by a Jasmine representative to discuss details of the event and to confirm your Fundraiser night.
*Jasmine reserves the right to refuse participation in fundraising event.

Jasmine Fundraiser Request Form

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

Jasmine is open to other fundraising ideas including the sale of gift certificates which would be purchased by your organization at a discounted rate and then sold to your organization’s supporters.

Many local organizations also host their fundraising dinners and galas at Jasmine!  Our excellent food and event venue put together in a banquet package help your event be a success!

Please contact us for more information.