My Top Ten Favorite Food things in San Diego… #3 – Take Out Dim Sum, Jasmine Express, Convoy Street – I’m here 2 or 3 times a week. Cheap, great and really quick.”

-Sam the Cooking Guy, Multi Emmy Award Winning Cooking Show Host and Chef

“The best Dim Sum in San Diego! I grew up in a town known for its’ Chinese food and Dim Sum, so moving here I had to search for a good place. This place has all your standard dim sum favorites, very authentic! Spot on! Love it!”

-Alicia B., San Diego, CA,  3/2/2013

“This place is fun and the food here is pretty tasty. My mouth is watering just by thinking about their dim sum… I like the fact that there are carts going around and you can pick and choose your food. Can’t wait to go back!”

-Barbara S., San Diego, CA, 2/25/2013

“The only place in San Diego to get authentic Chinese food. When I have guests from China this is the only place they feel comfortable eating at.”

-Donnie L., San Diego, CA, 06/02/2012

“Had a great time with Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society, Inc. at Jasmine Seafood Restaurant for their fundraiser. I have never seen so many Asians dancing at one place.”

-Nick N., San Diego, CA, 05/28/2012

“Thank you for housing the reception for my wedding day :)”

-Evonne N., San Diego, CA, 04/05/2012

“I love this place!!!

It’s the perfect place to come for a big family gathering.  It’s super spacious inside the restaurant, and they have pleeeeeenty of tables- for good reason.  This place is popular, and it’s always bustling when I’ve been here!  Tons of waitstaff push around carts and when they come by your table, you can pick whichever food items you want to eat.  They keep track of your tab by marking it on the paper they leave at your table.

It’s just a really fun and interactive dining experience, and you get so much variety with your food since you can try a little of everything!  Simply, it’s satisfying Chinese food served in cute small portions.  I love that they also cart around Thai Iced Tea.  I LOVE THAT STUFF.  It didn’t disappoint here, either.  I slurped that baby down in no time.

Great place to come with a group of friends or family members so that everyone can share the food.”

-Tinie T., San Marcos, CA, 12/5/2011

“My all time favorite place to eat in the world!!!! Been eating here for over 10 years.”

-Joey P., Oceanside, CA 05/29/2011

“It is the best excuse to come to San Diego.”

-Summer L., Las Vegas, NV, 06/28/2012

“I like dim sum, I eat and say yum yum, when I want more, I hear it from my tum tum.

I adore you Jasmine.”

Joanne A., San Diego, CA, 3/15/2010